Monday, March 21, 2005

Who is Mr. Thornburn?

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 14:12:52 -0800 (PST)
From: "Official Sports Fan Union"
To: "Office of the President-Go Daddy Software Inc."

Mr. Thornburn:
Thank you for your response. I trust you’ve reviewed
our qualifications and listened to the Real Media clip

The “blackout” of’s Super Bowl commercial
gave our websites an undeniable common interest
On the O’Reilly Factor, Bob Parsons talked about
battling censorship. And for over four years, has been the online leader in fighting
the NFL blackout policy; a form of censorship. By
joining forces, our websites can create an “Internet
Buzz” the likes of which has never been seen before.
And by so doing, make history bringing the NFL to its
knees by CRUSHING the blackout policy. The “perfect
pay back” for!

This can be achieved by sponsoring the
“BLACK CRUSH Bus.” It’s a “cyber bus,” but your
sponsorship will make it as “virtually real” as
possible. has made a name for itself in
the online sports world with just a part-time effort
over the past six years. The sponsorship would enable
the full-time push it’s always needed; creating even a
bigger name with and even bigger
opportunities for both sites.

The BLACK CRUSH Bus is designed to get NFL fans to
protest the blackout policy by “blacking out
commercials” of NFL games. That’s the only way the
“Berlin Wall of Sports” will be brought down. When
millions of NFL fans across the country constantly
turn the channel for two minutes during the
commercials, the advertisers will put immense pressure
on the NFL and the league will have no choice, but to
finally eliminate the outdated policy.

A sponsorship will enable to
get momentum started now with Phase One and be in
full-motion come football season. This will entail a
heavy push on sports radio in the 32 NFL markets.
Along with a relentless “air attack,” we will have
just as solid of a “ground attack” with BLACK CRUSH
Bus (driven by banners on virtually every
sports website on the Internet and a “Power of 10
eMail Campaign,” starting with the members of our
M.A.H.F.I.A. (Mad As Hell Fans In America) and BLACK
CRUSH Squadron.

By calling the campaign, “XXXX: The Fans Strike Back!”
built around the “irony of a ‘parody on censorship’
being censored,” can help’s
fight on censorship like no other entity can. The
feedback from our four-year effort, proves NFL fans
already have many longstanding beefs with the league.
Most fans are just looking for a way to even the
score; just think about how many already side with
your stance on the Super Bowl situation.

If really wanted to “take it to the stage”
we could go to Phase Two. During the summer an actual
BLACK CRUSH Bus (driven by could roll
from city to city. The Phase One cyber tour would
set-up an actual tour that would take on a life of
it’s own as a “Sports Reality Show on the Internet.”
The star could be Candace Michelle, reprising her role
as Ms. Nikki Cappelli and the sports radio stations
that we hit previously, would be followed-up in person
with her as the main draw. The Sports Critics ( ) could be the supporting
cast as the hard-hitting Sports Fanatics that they are
and a 32-city tour would yield enough DV footage to
produce XXXX: The Fans Strike Back!” as an online
show. The spin-off possibilities would be endless.

The momentum created with XXXX: The Fans Strike Back!
will be a “storm on the horizon” for the NFL, since
the Phase Three ultimate destination will be Super
Bowl XXXX, to black out commercials to protest yours
being blacked out the previous year. I trust you’re
beginning to see how a sponsorship of will enable our organizations to join
forces in an unprecedented way. The resulting impact
will undoubtedly make a name for and
lionize the name of to sports fans
forever, as the site that brought the NFL blackout
policy to an end once and for all. Poetic justice if
you ask me.

I look forward to your thoughts and questions. Please
confirm receipt. Thank you.

Standing by;
Commando Dave
Point Man of the FANS REVOLUTION


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